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International IPOH Fashion Week 2019 (IIFW™) – Fashion with a Heart, an exclusive fashion event to be held in Ipoh, a vision inspired by Founder Mr. Louis Sebastian and wife Ms. Adeline Khan.

International IPOH Fashion Week (IIFW™) has taken on a life and energy of its own since it was inaugurated two years ago. None of us could have imagined how strongly the response to IIFW™ would prove it. We has flourished organically, becoming not only a forum for individual designers, but also an opportunity for young curators to set out how their generation sees things. The aim is to capacitate and empower local fashion designers, facilitate market and network opportunities in order to ensure growth and sustainability of their businesses. IIFW™ is carving its niche of being a marque fashion event in Malaysia

IIFW™ will help boost tourist arrivals to the Silver State and to showcase our culture, food and popular tourist destinations. Lonely Planet has noted that Ipoh is the “lesser-known food capital” in Malaysia but it has become more vibrant thanks to the boutique cafes that have cropped up in the historic district. Furthermore with the grand entry of International IPOH Fashion Week (IIFW™), the city is all abuzz with its 3rd year running international fashion event in Ipoh from 16th to 20th October 2019.

First in Perak many are following our footsteps by bringing in fashion shows to Ipoh. The invitation extended to us by Nepal Designer Association, Nepal Fashion Council for International Fashion Week Nepal and India Intimate Fashion Week in Mumbai, India is a sign of appreciation towards our effort by getting world recognition. Fashion in Malaysia is influenced by the historical fusion of Malay, Chinese, Indian and various other indigenous cultures. International IPOH Fashion Week (IIFW™) has become a central platform for positioning Malaysia as a thriving emerging fashion capital. With a two-pronged objective of showcasing Perak/Malaysia-based fashion talent globally and at the same time welcoming the world to the Wonders of Perak.

Our hope is that the Ipoh fashion industry keeps on being brave so that the younger generation can keep on being inspired. Wishing you a fabulous fashion week with the creation of Perak’s very own International IPOH Fashion Week (IIFW™).

IIFW™ will continue it’s mission to generate funds for the benefit of Hospital Raja Permaisuri Bainun Ipoh. Our target is to raise a substantial amount in order to purchase appropriate and adequate equipment for the Paediatric Department.  All financial contribution will be acknowledged.

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